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Online course multimedia showcase

3D biology microscope

Virtual microscope lab  

Ecampus biology students meet the same learning outcomes in a virtual lab that uses 3D animation to simulate a compound microscope and its controls.

Featured in BI 204

Some lectures are just better than others. Using innovative “lightboard” technology, statistics instructor Katie Jager presents complex information in a vibrant way.

Featured in ST 314
Pinpoint history

Pinpoint history on a map  

Students in this activity identify various historically relevant locations related to Spanish and Portuguese conquests on an interactive map of Latin America.

Featured in REL/HST 350
Talking business

Talking business with Nike  

Oregon State’s online business students frequently benefit from watching video interviews with industry experts, like this one with a senior-level Nike employee.

Featured in BA 290

Aided by a sandbox and sleek technology, students view a dynamic topographical map to grasp the concept of how water flows through landscapes and more.

Featured in HORT 285

How did the Mongols rise to power in the 13th century to become one of the most successful armies ever? This awesome, two-minute animation provides details.

Featured in HST 340
Meet your instructor

Video: Meet your instructor  

You’ll hear from your instructors early and often because Ecampus courses are designed to be engaging. Here’s one faculty member’s illuminating intro.

Featured in HHS 513
virtual field trip

A virtual field trip on a boat  

Tour an estuary on an OSU research vessel to learn how to collect samples and examine them in a lab. The video is much like an in-person tour, minus seasickness.

Featured in FW/OC 534

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Leaders in multimedia and course development

Oregon State Ecampus is 中国体彩发布的官方app to national award-winning multimedia developers and instructional designers.

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Augmented reality:
behind the scenes

Oregon State faculty and Ecampus multimedia developers go to great lengths to create hands-on learning experiences online. These augmented reality projects put analyzable 3D specimens in the hands of students no matter where they live, creating a dynamic learning environment worldwide.


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