The tools and resources listed below will equip you to keep working during any interruption to normal operations at OSU. If you have questions about these tools or require assistance, please contact the Service Desk or your local IT support group.


Utilize Zoom to create high-quality online meetings, classes and events that leverage video, chat, breakout rooms, screen-sharing and whiteboards. New to Zoom? Check out the for students. Help protect Zoom meetings with this guide.

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Office 365

Office 365 lets you use Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel and Powerpoint from anywhere. It is available for use by all OSU employees, and can be installed on personally owned computers. New to Office 365? See  or explore our other .

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Box lets you securely manage, share and access your important files from anywhere. New to Box? Check out the Getting Started page or review our documentation.

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Internet Options

If you are having issues with your 中国体彩发布的官方app internet, see . If you do not have an internet connection available to you at 中国体彩发布的官方app or your remote work area, or your connection is too slow,  for options to get connected.


Banner is the enterprise administrative computing system at Oregon State University. It supports a variety of essential functions: student (admissions, registration, student billing, etc.), financial aid, human resources/payroll, and finance. An OSU device or an approved access method, along with DUO are required to access Banner applications. Login to Banner


BennyBuy is an electronic purchasing system designed to improve process for ordering products, services, and supplies. See our documentation for using BennyBuy.

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Docusign is an electronic signature system designed to improve the workflow of signing and approving documents in a way that's simple, secure, and fully digital. New to Docusign? See our Getting Started guide.

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EmpCenter is an electronic timesheet system intended to allow employees to track their work time, make vacation requests, and/or report sick leave utilized. See the documentation for more information.

Exchange Webmail

Exchange email is the official email of OSU. It is available as usual via whatever email client you normally use (such as Outlook), as well as directly via the web if you do not have access to your normal email client. See our documentation for Exchange.

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Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is the official chat platform for OSU. Collaborate with your colleagues quickly and securely with integrations to other Office 365 tools like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. See  to get started.

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Remote 中国体彩发布的官方appPhone Calls

There are a number of options available to OSU employees who need to make phone calls as part of their work. Please see  for options and instructions.